2006 Competition Participants

festivus quartet

Grand Prize: Festivus Quartet

Yuga Cohler, oboe 

Mann-Wen Lo, violin 

Christine Hung, viola 

Tavi Ungerleider, cello

All hail from the New England Conservatory Preparatory School Chamber Music program. 

Oberon Sextet from the Walnut Hill School of Arts was runner up for grand prize. 

First Prize Finalists

Réflexion, Piano Duo. 

Gruber Nordwell Duo, Sonata Duo. 

Brown England Duo, Piano Duo. 

G Sharp Duo, Sonata Duo.

The Duet, Jazz. 

Alturas Duo, Folk.  

Amethyst Trio, Piano Trio.  

Trio Appassionato, Piano Trio. 

Attacca Quartet, String Ensemble. 

BMS Jazz Quintet, Jazz.   

Neptune Trio, Piano Trio. 

Trio Diamante, Ensemble with Winds. 

Oberon Sextet, Ensemble with Winds. 

Elixir Quartet, Ensemble with Winds. 

Second Prize Finalists

Liu & Yeung’s Music, Piano Duo. 

Varshavsky Shapiro Duo, Piano Duo.  

Animato Trio, Piano Trio.  

Biarritz Trio, Piano Trio. 

Arenaria Quintet, String Ensembles.

Gerald Quartet, Piano Quartet. 

Zodiac Trio, Ensembles With Winds.  

Trio Eca, Piano Trio.  

Boston HausMusic, Baroque Duo. 

Morning Glory Duo, Sonata Duo. 

Bäverstam Finehouse Duo, Sonata Duo. 

Syncrisis Quartet, Ensemble with Winds. 

Third Prize Finalists

Trio Vesna, String Ensemble.  

New World Trio, Piano Trio.  

Boston Duo, Sonata Duo. 

American Double, Sonata Duo.  

Duo Jung, Sonata Duo. 

Traba Duo, Sonata Duo. 

Arensky Trio, Piano Trio. 

Honorable Mention

Deerfield Academy Trio, Piano Trio. 

Spumoni Trio, Piano Trio.  

Carey/McGonagil Duo, Sonata Duo. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this wonderful event!