international chamber music ensemble competition application

Application instructions

Applicants must submit a link  to YouTube video of their ensemble 's performance, entrance fee and completed  application form  by January 15, 2020.

Late application  may be accepted by February 1 with a late fee of $90 per ensemble.

The fee is fee non-refundable.

The check for the application fee may be mailed to:

Chamber Music Foundation of New England
277 Ward Street, Newton, MA 02459

or paid by PayPal below.

Categories and age groups

ICMEC is open to student and professional ensembles of all ages and nationalities. The following ensemble categories will compete within their respective age groups:

  • Sonata Duo
  • Piano Duo (four hand, two piano)
  • Piano Ensemble (Trio, Quartet or Quintet)
  • Ensemble with Winds
  • Jazz or Folk Ensemble
  • String Ensembles
  • Vocal Chamber Groups
  • Percussion

Age Groups

  • Group I Age 14 and Under
  • Group II Age 15 to 18
  • Group III Age 19 and older

Amateur Group

Amateur category: ensembles whose participants average age is 19 and above and consisting of students whose major is other than music or individuals whose primary occupation is not music. These groups will be judged separately from the above categories.

ICMEC Awards and the Ceremony

Each age group will awarded The First, The Second and The Third prizes.  

2020 Gold, Silver and Bronze  Medals Winning Ensemble will be chosen by jury from all finalists  and receive a cash award of $2,000, $1000 and $500 accordingly.

They also might be invited to perform in 2021-2022 Concert Series in New England.

The Award Ceremony will follow the 2020 ICMEC final competition round at Brown Hall of the New England Conservatory in Boston on March 8th.. The ICMEC final round participants will receive 2020 ICMEC Laureate Certificates. The 2020 ICMEC gold, silver and bronze medal recipients will receive medals and cash prizes.

Selection process

Preliminary Round

Each competing chamber ensemble must submit a YouTube video of their audition piece together with an application form and entrance fee of $90 per person by 

January 15, 2020.  Late application  may be accepted by February 1 with a late fee of $90 per ensemble.

Semi Final Round

Ensembles that pass the preliminary submission round will be invited to participate in a second round live audition in Boston, MA on March 7th 2020. 

Participants will compete in their age groups . The best performing ensembles 

of the Semi Finals and will be invited to participate in the finals on March 8th.

Final Round

The 2020 ICMEC final round will be held at Brown Hall of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston on March 8th. The finalists will compete for the 2020 ICMEC Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and the best Amateur Ensemble award. This round is open to public and entrance is free of charge.

The decisions of the judges are final.



The repertoire for the recording for preliminary round  must be a composition of one or few movements or a group of compositions not exceeding 20 minutes. It is advisable to present repertoire, which will showcase different styles.

The repertoire for the Semi Final round of the ICMEC can be different from the initial submission but has to be the same as the Final Round and cannot exceed 20 minutes.

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