Alan & Gerry Ertel, Parents of David Ertel, Lexington, MA

"At a time when interest in classical music is waning in the US , initiatives like this are critical to support students interested in chamber music. The program enables a student to choose to perform a piece from varied and challenging repertoire, and by working closely with professionals, inspires the student to attain new levels of achievement."

Christopher Chang, CMFoNE Festival Audition Winner, Newton, MA

"Thank you all so much for your support, help and overall kindness throughout this entire magnificent experience. I'd like to thank the whole quartet for your great playing and spirits and Ms. Lilia Muchnik for her constructive advice. I really enjoyed performing with all of you and I'm just glad that I could take part in this wonderful organization."

Malcolm Campbell, Midday Quartet, ICMEC Grand Prize Winner, Lexington, MA

"I'm writing to say thank you from the whole Midday Quartet for an amazing experience with CMFoNE. It's changed us as musicians. I can assure you that CMFoNE will have a great reputation in the jazz world from now on! Please pass this on to everyone who helped set up this opportunity: Keep it up. What you do changes young musicians' lives." 

Mikhail Veselov, Boston, MA

"I want to thank CMFoNE for giving me an opportunity to play Clara Schumann's Trio with true professionals, Ms. Lilia Muchnik, violin and Ms. Ellina Blinder, piano. I very much appreciate the comments and suggestions during our rehearsals. It helped me grow as a chamber musician and gave me a better sense of harmony and balance. I was honored to be a part of CMFoNE Festival Series.” 

Patrick McGuire, Natick, MA

"Playing in a quartet with three professional players was a completely different experience than with students. The rehearsals were more like what would occur within a professional quartet. We coached ourselves and input from each member was considered equally. I felt like a peer, rather than a student, which was very unique. This experience left me feeling liberated and empowered. The analysis of the piece was more in depth than any of my other experiences. There was more emphasis on the fine nuances of playing, which I found to be very informative." 

Veronika Blinder, Boston, MA

"I had such an inspiring and uplifting experience playing the "Trout" piano quintet with CMFoNE musicians. These professional musicians accepted me as an equal member of the group, allowing me to express my own views and ideas. My school schedule is very busy but the Trout rehearsals were such a highlight for me that I looked forward to every one of them; an unforgettable experience for me." 

Samantha Gillogly, Brookfield, MA

"CMFoNE has given me powerful performance experiences.  By playing challenging works alongside top chamber music professionals in some of Massachusetts' best venues, I have been given the opportunity to bring my years of classical training into a broader arena.  Working with CMFoNE musicians is like apprenticeship: I am learning how to be a chamber player by being immersed in the 'real thing'." 

Jennifer Bäverstam, Newton, MA

"The whole experience of having my son (Sebastian) play the Shostakovich Piano Trio with CMFoNE was an extremely positive one. The venue was intimate with excellent acoustics. Sebastian, as a young cellist, met with only the greatest respect and encouragement from his fellow musicians. And the level and passion of the playing kept the audience enthralled for the duration of the entire performance." 

Alan & Gerry Ertel, (parents of a cellist David Ertel) Lexington, MA

"David's experience with CMFoNE was a joy for him and for us. It was exciting to see him learn the Ravel Trio, a difficult piece, in a short period of time, and to return from rehearsals exhilarated. He truly felt that the approach to the music was a collaborative effort where his input was valued and where he matured as a chamber music student under the guidance of CMFoNE musicians." 

Ying Jun Wei , Boston, MA

"As a musician, it is essential to have as many performing experiences as possible. CMFoNE has provided me many precious opportunities to perform with wonderful chamber music professionals at some of Boston’s finest venues. The rehearsals were always a lot of fun and inspiring. These collaborations have helped me tremendously to improve my chamber music skills. Not only has CMFoNE helped me in becoming a better musician, they were also there for me to get by tough times as dear friends. I will always be grateful for their friendship, kindness and support!"

Yelena Korableva, Boston, MA

"I  had a great experience with CMFoNE. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to perform with professional musicians. I played a great deal of beautiful music in different chamber music settings with CMFoNE. For example, we played Mendelssohn Octet which consisted of two quartets first of CMFoNE musicians and the second of students like myself. As students, we had a chance to learn from musicians with huge experience and could ask questions about technique and various styles. Also, we had a chance to play in Jordan Hall, which was a very exciting event for me and for the other students as well.  I enjoyed working with such inspiring musicians from CMFoNE."

Jonathan Cohler, Music Director Brockton Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Coach

"The International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition sponsored by the Chamber Music Foundation of New England is a unique and exciting opportunity for all lovers of chamber music. Unlike any other such competition in the country and nearly every one in the world, this competition affords equal opportunities to wind players, string players, pianists, vocalists and jazz musicians alike. And the opportunities that it offers through its prizes and performances at incredible concert halls such as Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall are invaluable for aspiring chamber musicians. Bravo on creating a great new pillar in the world of music and chamber music! I know your competition will grow and grow, because it is a rare, wonderfully organized, and vital institution for helping to inspire young musicians and to pass on the art of chamber music to the next generation.

Thank you CMFoNE!!!"

Kevin Kwan Loucks, pianist, Clarion Trio, New York City, NY

"Dear CMFoNE, many thanks to you and your staff for helping make such a wonderful experience. Our trio was honored to perform and are very grateful for the hard work and dedication that your organization has put forth. We hope that we can continue to grow and play again for CMFoNE and again, many thanks!" 

Mr. Mark Churchill, Dean of Preparatory School, New England Conservatory

"New England Conservatory Preparatory School has been a proud sponsor and supporter of Chamber Music Foundation of New England since its inception in 2004. The opportunities that it affords through its collaborative concerts with professional musicians, prizes and performances at incredible concert halls such as Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall are invaluable for aspiring chamber musicians. I applaud CMFoNE on creating a unique new venue in the world of  chamber music!" 

Lili Chang, the Director of the International Young Artist Competition ICMEC judge

"My sincere congratulations to the CMFoNE founders and staff for doing such a great job. Through their hard work, many young musicians will have the opportunities to perform in such prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Longy School of Music and the Center for the Arts in St. Mark School. We know nothing equals the joy of making music together with fellow musicians. Your effort has provided an opportunity for many young people to experience the joy of chamber music, and I hope that you will continue to offer this unique experience to young people in the years to come." 

Dr. John Solomons, an Assistant Professor of Piano at the University of Texas ICMEC judge

"ICMEC has attracted an exceptional group of chamber musicians. The level of musicianship and the quality of ensemble playing was beyond my expectations. CMFoNE has provided a wonderful opportunity and an incentive for chamber music ensembles to aspire to a higher level in their chamber music skills and performances." 

Roberta McGuire, Westford, MA (Mother of a cellist, Patrick McGuire)

"Patrick was very excited about the opportunity to perform chamber music with some experienced musicians. Playing with professionals allowed him to learn his piece (Borodin Quartet No. 2) at a much deeper level. As a parent, I was relieved at how accommodating the ensemble was in order to schedule rehearsals given Patrick's busy schedule. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert and were very impressed with the final product. I would strongly encourage other young musicians to audition for the chance to be part of this wonderful opportunity."

Alexander Rees, Violist, Professor at Fordham University, ICMEC Judge

"As a member of the 2005 ICMEC Grand Prize Jury panel, I was very impressed with the excellent organization of the ICMEC competition. The quality of ensemble playing and the level of musicianship were exceptional. I want to thank CMFoNE for providing this tremendous opportunity for chamber music ensembles of all ages and categories. I expect that in the very near future, ICMEC will become one of the most prestigious and sought after chamber music competitions in the world." 

Dr. Mark Churchill

Dr. Mark Churchill, Dean of Preparatory and Continuing Education at The New England Conservatory Preparatory School, also a supporter of the Chamber Music Foundation of New England since its inception in 2004 adds, “The opportunities that the foundation gives to young musicians through its collaborative concerts with professional artists, prizes, and performances at leading concert halls such as Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall are invaluable. I applaud CMFoNE for creating a unique new inspiration for the future of chamber music!”